Coronavirus and dental care: can you see a dentist in Switzerland?

coronavirus and dental care in Switzerland

The new coronavirus, or COVID-19, has appeared in Switzerland, as in several other countries around the world. The Federal Council has described the situation as "extraordinary", in the sense of Art. 7 of the Epidemics Act. As a result, it has taken exceptional measures, which are constantly being stepped up, to limit the spread of the virus and thus safeguard public health. How does this situation affect dental care in Switzerland? Can you still see your dentist in Lausanne, Fribourg or Aigle? HELVIDENT answers your questions and shares the official recommendations. 

The effects of coronavirus in the dental sector

Following a decision by the Federal Council, hospitals, clinics, doctors' surgeries and dental practices are no longer authorized to carry out non-urgent procedures or treatments. This means that dental practices can remain open subject to restrictions. Activity is massively reduced and strictly limited to emergency procedures. The aim of this measure is to limit non-essential contact between people, some of whom are potentially infected by the new coronavirus.

Urgent dental treatment 

In concrete terms, non-essential and elective treatments must be postponed. Essential treatments remain authorized. These include

  • treatment of pain 
  • accidents involving the oral cavity
  • processes or situations that are damaging or potentially damaging to the structures of the masticatory system

As a result, dentists in Switzerland are only allowed to see their patients in cases ofdental emergency. You can consult us if you are suffering from toothache, a painful abscess, an oral infection, a broken tooth, bleeding or dental trauma.

Non-emergency dental treatment 

According to Swiss Association of Cantonal Dentists AMDCS, the following treatments are not considered urgent. They must therefore be postponed.

  • dental hygiene and prophylaxis treatments
  • dental check-ups
  • care dental caries
  • prosthetic work 
  • elective surgery
  • aesthetic treatments such as teeth whitening 

In the case of orthodontic treatment, only progress checks that cannot be postponed and orthodontic emergencies are permitted. Active appliances should be placed in a passive, stable state.

HELVIDENT dental centers face COVID-19

HELVIDENT has a dental clinic in Lausanne, as well as dental centers in Fribourg and Aigle, in the canton of Vaud. We comply with official restrictions and recommendations concerning the coronavirus. Our team of professionals can see you in a dental emergency, if possible on the same day. We relieve your pain immediately, clean any wounds and provide the necessary care. 

The safety of our staff and patients remains our top priority. We ask all visitors to our dental centers in Fribourg, Lausanne and Aigle to respect the guidelines and precautions laid down by the FOPH and cantonal health authorities. 

Please read this essential document before visiting your dentist.

We adhere strictly to the usual hygiene measures (wearing a treatment mask, hand hygiene, gloves, protective goggles). Where COVID-19 is suspected, we disinfect all surfaces after each patient. In addition, we take care to use resources sparingly, in particular protective equipment such as masks, gloves and disinfectants.

HELVIDENT dental centers remain open for emergencies until further notice. The situation may change depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic at cantonal or federal level. Contact us to make an appointment for treatment in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Where can I find reliable information about the Coronavirus in Switzerland?

With the sharp rise in cases of COVID-19 in Switzerland, the likelihood of a person suffering from acute respiratory illness being infected with the new coronavirus now appears high.

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH (Communicable Diseases Division) updates the data for Switzerland on a daily basis. You will find the number of people infected with the coronavirus or who have died as a result of the virus, as well as the report on the epidemiological situation.

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH has also created a website dedicated to the coronavirus. Here you'll find the rules of hygiene and conduct you need to follow to protect yourself and participate in the collective effort. Videos explain how to wash your hands thoroughly and how to cough or sneeze properly.

The Swiss Society of Dentists devotes a comprehensive section to the COVID-19 pandemic. This information is useful not only for the general public, but also for dentists and other healthcare professionals.

Let's work together to contain and prevent any further spread of the COVID-19 virus in Switzerland.