At HELVIDENTour team of dentists performs all routine and specialized dentistry. In our dental center in Fribourg or in our dental clinic in St Sulpice near Lausanne.

Complementary specialties to theodontologysome of which are well known, such asorthodonticswhile others are less so. This is the case ofendodontics.

L'endodontics refers to care that treatsinside the tooth. They aim to prevent, diagnose and treat pathologies of the internal root canal system. They concern, for example, inflammations and infections affecting the dental pulp and periradicular tissues.

L'endodontist is a specialist who may be called upon to collaborate with other dental specialists from different disciplines to handle complex cases. At HELVIDENTwe bring together all dentistry in a single location to offer you comprehensive, optimal endodontic care.


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L'endodontic is the inner part of the tooth. This space, called pulp chamber in the jargon dentalThe pulp contains living cells, blood vessels and nerve fibers. The pulp extends into the root canals.

Deterioration of the pulp leads to a lesion in the apical area (the tooth tip). The nerve may become necrotic. The death of the cells inside the tooth can lead to severe pain and infection. We recommend that you seek preventive treatment to avoid the following dental emergencies.

Several factors can cause this type of endodontic lesion :

  • pulpal exposure following caries or deep restoration
  • a coronary crack joining the pulp
  • an accident or trauma to the jaw
  • severe irritation

Visit endodontic therapy First, a hole is dug down to the pulp. L'endodontist then proceeds with chemical and mechanical cleaning of the pulp chamber and canals. It eliminates necrotic cells and disinfects theinside the tooth. The treatment is completed by tightly sealing the canals and the pulp chamber with a suitable product. This greatly reduces the risk of subsequent reinfection.


The channels in the tooth root can sometimes have extremely small diameters. Despite the powerful lights of our dental practicesThe entrance to the root canals is sometimes difficult to see with the naked eye.

In this case, theendodontist uses a dental microscope which allows much more precise magnification and examination of the dental, pulpal and periradicular structures. This considerably increases the chances of success and therefore the prognosis of your tooth in the long term.

At HELVIDENTWe do everything in our power to ensure the quality and durability of the treatments we offer our patients. Your smile is at the heart of our concerns. Do not hesitate to make an appointment as soon as you suffer from a pain oforal or dental origin.


To treat inflammatory diseases of the periodontiumthe toothbrush and the dental floss are not enough.

A hygienista dentist or a periodontologist must intervene quickly in order to treat you. The earlier the disease is treated, the less tissue will be destroyed and the less you will suffer the after-effects of the bacterial attack. In this way, you maximize your chances of obtaining conclusive results after the treatment. dental care.

TheHELVIDENT has a periodontologist. She is dentist specialized in this type of dental pathologies it deals with on a daily basis.



Visit HELVIDENT dental centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our team produces digital X-rays to reduce the dose of X-rays received by patients.

Our periodontologist may be required to take you through a dental radiography to assess the damage caused by the bacterial attack. These images will help him to establish his diagnosis and choose the solution best suited to your situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on our dental treatments or to make an appointment with our periodontologist.