Dental bleaching: dangers and effective solutions

teeth whitening

A Swiss woman recently suffered dental pain for a week after using cheap whitening strips ordered from a Chinese website. Daily newspaper 20 minutes revealed this incident. It reminds us that teeth whitening must be carried out by a professional to avoid any risk to your oral health. 

The trend for bright smiles

Tooth whitening is all the rage. The Swiss are succumbing to this trend in dental aesthetics to achieve a radiant smile. The latter represents a real seductive asset, both in professional and personal life. Indeed, in the collective imagination, healthy teeth are an apparent sign of beauty and vitality.

Visit Swiss Society of Dentists confirms growing demand. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health warns against risky practices that damage the health of teeth. In recent years, home whitening kits and smile bars have become increasingly popular. They are undercutting the price of teeth whitening. As a result, tooth whitening is becoming more accessible to a public that is not well informed about the real dangers. 

The risks of tooth whitening 

Bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or sodium perborate. In reality, this is hydrogen peroxide, renowned for its strong oxidizing power. This active ingredient is highly effective, provided it is used in the right doses. However, the quest for the perfect smile often leads to certain excesses. 

Over-exposure, over-frequent use and high concentrations of lightening products pose a real threat to the health of the skin. oral health. Here are the main risks of tooth whitening performed without the supervision of a specialist:

  • hypersensitive teeth, manifested in particular by pain when eating cold foods
  • enamel deterioration, which can lead to premature tooth wear and even brittleness
  • irritation of gums and mucous membranes due to the product's acidity
  • faster tooth recoloration
  • risk of poisoning if product is ingested

Solutions for safe teeth whitening

European legislation stipulates that only dentists are authorized to use products containing or releasing a concentration of oxygen peroxide in excess of 0.1 %. Despite this law, consumers are not hesitating to buy products of dubious composition on the Internet. In response to this quest for whiter teeth, dental clinics are not hesitating to offer tempting deals to attract new customers.

This is the case of HELVIDENT dental clinics who offer competitive prices for safe, effective teeth whitening. All treatments are pain-free. 

First option: in-office tooth whitening. This involves successive applications of a carbamide peroxide-based gel to the teeth. Gums are protected throughout the procedure. 

Second option: at-home tooth whitening. First, you make an appointment with one of the clinic's dentists to take impressions of your teeth. These are used to make two custom-made trays, which you take home along with a whitening gel. Your attending dentist will give you clear instructions on how to use the trays, and you'll receive follow-up care. 

Take advantage of a special offer on tooth whitening at HELVIDENT dental clinics and treat yourself to a radiant smile for CHF 300.