At HELVIDENTour team of dentists performs all routine and specialized dentistry. They include orthodontists. Their mission? To offer you the most beautiful teetheven in the case of tooth misalignmentof malocclusion or shifted jaw.

We recommend that you seek preventive treatment to avoid dental emergencies. You can make an appointment in our dental center in Fribourg or in our dental clinic in St Sulpice near Lausanne.


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Just like the periodontics and theendodontics, l'orthodontics is one of many dental specialties. It is dedicated to correction of malpositioned jaws and teeth to optimize occlusion (tooth engagement), as well as the development of bone bases.

L'orthodontics is designed for children and adults alike. Wearing a bracesa slight force is exerted on the teethThis movement is made possible by the bone's ability to continually regenerate around the roots. This movement is made possible by the bone's ability to continually regenerate around the roots. The results are impressive. 

The aim is both functional and aesthetic. In addition to a more attractive teeth, l'orthodontics aids chewing, phonation, breathing, swallowing and the growth of children maxilla. Patients can also achieve optimal cleaning. The teeth and thus reduce the risk of problems. oral hygiene.

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Visit orthodontic treatments can be considered and initiated at any age. The majority of patients have recourse to it at pre-puberty or puberty. That said, more and more adults are consulting the HELVIDENT clinics to correct the posture of their teeth.

Overlapping teeth, misaligned teeth or over-advanced teethIt doesn't have to be that way. There is a wide range oforthodontic appliances. They can be removable, semi-removable or fixed, with or without bone anchoring.

L'orthodontist examines you, before drawing up an assessment and diagnosis. He will suggest the most appropriate option for you. The nature of the treatment and the type ofdental equipment may vary from patient to patient. Your doctor will also explain how to brush teeth while you're wearing ringsand elastic bands or a device.

Once treatment has been completed, a stabilization phase, known as contention, is necessary. When the teeth have been displaced, the ligament holding them in place and the bone underneath need to heal.

Feel free to consult our orthodontist. He will give you a personalized estimate at the end of the appointment. You can contact our dental clinic in Fribourg or in St Sulpice near Lausanne to make an appointment.