At HELVIDENTour team of dentists performs all routine acts of dentistry. Your smile is our top priority. You can consult our dental center in Fribourg or in our dental clinic in St Sulpice near Lausanne.


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Visit dental plaque is a whitish substance that forms on the surface of teeth. It's made up of food residues, saliva and bacteria. This is one of the causes of cavity formation and gum problems.

Bacteria from the dental plaque feed on fast sugars. They absorb them, proliferate and secrete an acid. This acid attacks the tooth surface (l'enamel). Over time, a cavity forms and continually deepens until it reaches the dentinethen the tooth nerve if not treated in time. We recommend that you seek preventive treatment to avoid dental emergencies.


Visit caries is a condition caused byenamel alteration or the tooth dentin. It is similar to a cavity formed by the progressive destruction of the tooth.

Visit caries is the world's third most common pathology. The addition of fluor in food and toothpastesand certain dietary modifications have limited the spread of this plague. dental for a while.

However, today's new eating habits (snacking, sugary drinks, soft drinks, cookies, chocolate, etc.) mean that the dental caries are on the increase.


Visit descaling is to remove the limescale which accumulates on the teeth. It is the result of calcification or mineralization of the dental plaque over the years.

Unlike the dental plaquethe limescale cannot be eliminated with a toothbrush or the dental floss. It requires the intervention of a professional such as a dentista hygienist or a prophylaxis assistant with scraping and peeling tools. limescale.

Visit limescale is responsible for the yellowing of your teeth. It irritates gums and ultimately leads to tooth loosening.

A descaling supplemented by a regular dental check-upIt reduces the risk of pathology and enables treatment before it's too late.

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In addition to dentiststheHELVIDENT account of hygienists and prophylaxis assistants. Theseoral and dental hygiene have 4 main missions:

  • make a control of teeth and oral cavity
  • remove limescale
  • teach tooth brushing techniques best adapted to each patient's situation
  • respond to your questions and requests in a personalized way.

Every mouth is slightly different. It is therefore important to adapt the techniques and means used to each individual case.


Visit teeth whitening is achieved by applying gel to the teeth. Depending on concentration and duration of application, this product offers more or less intense results. It consists of carbamide peroxide. It removes the stains accumulated on the teeth and in the imperfections of theenamel.


Here's how the act of bleaching in a HELVIDENT dental center :

  • Application of a concentrated gel to your teeth and gum protection
  • First 8-minute session: the gel is activated by a special high-power lamp
  • Change of gel and second 8-minute session

A full session of teeth whitening usually involves 3 applications of gel under the lamp. If, after several weeks, the result is insufficient, you can have an additional session.


HELVIDENT offers you the option of bleaching in your own home. First, you make an appointment with one of our dentists to make the impressions of your teeth. Le dental laboratory then performs 2 gutters that you are invited to pick up.

Once at home, you apply the gel provided in the gutters before placing them on your teeth. Repeat this operation every day until you achieve the desired whiteness. This may take 5 or 20 days, depending on the case.


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