7 reasons why you need a website for your dental practice

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For decades, most dental practices and clinics got by without investing much money in advertising or marketing. In fact, most dentists avoided advertising to avoid being perceived in a negative light.

Instead, most healthcare professionals relied on "word of mouth", as your current patients would refer friends and family to your practice. These would be your source of new patients. While this strategy was certainly effective, it has become less so over the past decade. decade.

Today, most dental practices have a website, but the concept of marketing is still new. but the marketing concept is still new. Some dentists are whether or not they need a website, and many don't think it's an important part of their think it's an important part of their business.

Here are seven reasons why any business, but especially but especially dental clinics, should invest in a website and an online marketing strategy:

Your website is open 24/7

Your website is always up and running. No lunch breaks no lunch breaks, no vacations, no sick days. That means people can your website at any time to find out more about you and your dental clinic. clinic. Provide useful information about your services, your staff, your facilities, including answers to questions about insurance, treatment costs, etc.

Make it easy to get in touch with your future patients. future patients. A short form is an excellent option. If you include a telephone number, make sure patients have a way to leave a to leave a voice message.

You can measure your return on investment

Very few forms of advertising allow you to track your performance and measure your return on investment. A service like like Google Analytics provides detailed statistics on the traffic arriving and the behavior of visitors browsing your site. your site.

At Belmont-WebWe use this data in conjunction with other analyses to calculate the number of potential customers, to compare with the actual number of new patients booking appointments through the site.

Yes, everyone does it

Rest assured, the Internet is not just a passing trend for dental clinics. Online marketing continues to grow and medical services are multiplying for your customers. And while things change and evolve like a constant, that's no reason to sit on the sidelines.

Your competitors are promoting their dental clinics online. This puts you at a disadvantage. Not having a website puts you off the playing field and severely limits your company's visibility.

Manage your online reputation

There's nothing worse than a dentist talking to a patient. Belmont-Web digital agency in Geneva and Lausanne because there are negative reviews about them online. If you don't have a website, the only way to find out is through reviews on third-party sites you haven't mastered. A website alone won't solve the reputation problem, but it will mitigate its effects by presenting your dental clinic in the way you want it to be, rather than through a few disgruntled patients.

Internet marketing is cheap

Let's start by saying it: you have to sow to reap. But compared to other forms of advertising, Internet marketing is very affordable. Magazine ads can cost thousands of Swiss francs per issue, and you have limited ability to track their effectiveness.

When you create your website for your dental clinic or practice s, you can expect the biggest investment to be in the website itself. Ongoing marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media, can be tailored to suit most objectives and/or budgets.

Like a good financial advisor, a reputable will help you diversify your marketing strategy, identify new opportunities identify new opportunities, highlight the areas in which you've where you've been successful, and determine your return on investment.

If you're not online, you can't be found. found

More than 5 billion Google searches are carried out every day. A recently published report showed that 91% of search engine users always find the information they're looking for when using search engines. they were looking for when using search engines. If you don't have website, Internet users will have a hard time finding you and informing your dental practice.

Increase confidence in your identity

People have constant access to the Internet and are much more more likely to go online and research a product, service or organization organization before taking the plunge. Even people who have received a a recommendation from a friend or family member are more likely to check online check online for confirmation before finalizing their decision.

Your website should be a virtual extension of your dental clinic or practice. Be consistent with your identity images and messages, and use real photos of your office and staff. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure your website represents you in the best possible way.

In conclusion, do you need a website? Absolutely

Invest in a professional-looking website and hire a company capable of developing a long-term marketing strategy. marketing strategy.

And remember, you get out of it what you put into it. If you take Internet marketing seriously, you're more likely to see the return the return you're looking for.