World Smile Day: October 7, 2022

World Smile Day

World Smile Day is celebrated every year on the 1st Friday in October. From the tip of your lips to the fullness of your teeth, every smile is unique. To mark the occasion, the Helvident team tells you more about the origins of this day and shares its favorite quotes about smiling.

The origins of World Smile Day

Whose idea was it to create this type of day? It was American advertising artist Harvey Ball, who invented the smiley face in 1963. His sponsor was an American insurance company, which used the smiley as part of an internal campaign to boost employee morale. In 1999, the artist decided to create a day dedicated to smiling. The World Smile Day® is born!

The smile in literature

"A smile is often the most important thing. You get paid with a smile. We are rewarded with a smile." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Letter to a hostage.

"The smile is the kiss of the soul." - Michel Bouthot, Paths strewn with immortal thoughts. 

"An undeserved smile is better than clenched teeth." Benoît Lacroix, Somewhere in Bellechasse. 

"The smile is a premonition of enjoyment." - Patrick Drevet, Le Sourire.

"The smile is the perfection of laughter. As defiance awakens defiance, the smile calls for the smile: it reassures the other about oneself and all things around." - Alain, Elements of philosophy.

"To smile - is to forget the grimace." - Gunnar Björling, Thinking.

"I know a way not to grow old: it's to welcome the years as they come and with a smile... a smile is always young." - Pierre Dac, L'Os à moelle.

"A smile is first and foremost a decision." - Claire de Lamirande, May snow.

"The smile is the amulet of civilized people." - Jean Ethier-Blais, Between all the women

"A smile is a touch of love on the lips." - Ariane Angeloglou, Little Dictionary of Love.

Proverbs about smiling

"For someone who has been around closed faces all day, a smile is a ray of sunshine. "Chinese proverb.

"Don't cry because it's over, but smile because it happened." - Yiddish proverb. 

"The mouth smiles badly when the heart is wounded." - French proverb.

"No one needs a smile more than he who has none left to offer." - Chinese proverb.

"Your smile is a gift you give to your fellow human beings." - Maghrebian proverb.

"A smile costs nothing, but it creates a lot. " - American proverb.

"A friend's smile is expensive. "African proverb. 

"A smile is best suited to earthly happiness. " - French proverb.

"Every blow of anger is a blow of old age, every smile is a blow of youth." - Chinese proverb. 

"The face that doesn't know how to smile is the accusing witness of a bad heart. "Basque proverb.

"He who smiles will reach his goal. " - Algerian proverb.

"No one is rich enough to do without a smile. " - American proverb.

"Smiling three times every day makes all medicine unnecessary." - Chinese proverb.

"The smile you send comes back to you." - Hindu proverb.

"When you meet a man too weary to smile at you, offer him yours. " - American proverb.

"Every tear is answered by a smile. " - Turkish proverb.

"One smile has more effect than a frown. "American proverb.

"A smile can only be answered with a smile." - Anonymous. 

"Smiling is the best way to show fate your teeth." - Anonymous.

"Smile even if your smile is sad, because if there's anything sadder than a sad smile, it's the sadness of not knowing how to smile." - Anonymous.

Other quotes about smiling

"A smile costs less than electricity, but gives just as much light." - Abbé Pierre.

"We will never know how much good a simple smile can do." - Mother Teresa.

"Hook a smile on your face, it gives it charm." - Roland Delisle.

"A smile is the beginning of a kiss." - Robert Sabatier. 

"A smile is a secret key that opens many hearts." - Baden-Powell. 

"Caress your sentence for a long time and it will end up smiling." - Anatole France. 

"Don't wait until you're happy to smile, smile instead in order to be happy." - Edward L. Kramer.

"The smile is the universal language of kindness." - William Arthur Ward. 

"A child knows his mother by her smile." - Virgil.

"Happiness is the smile of the heart." - Delphine Lamotte.

The entire Helvident dental center team wishes you a Happy World Smile Day! 😁