10 tips for a beautiful smile

a beautiful smile

A beautiful smile is one of the most common requests received by dentists in Lausanne and Fribourg. After all, everyone wants white teeth. It's a major asset in both personal and professional life. To enjoy a dazzling smile and keep it for a long time, there are a few things you can do on a daily basis. HELVIDENT shares its tips for improving the appearance of your teeth in this article.

1 - Use the right toothbrush

The first rule of oral hygiene is to use a good toothbrush. If you opt for a manual toothbrush, choose one with soft bristles. Hard bristles and brushing too vigorously can damage the gums. What's more, it's essential to learn how to brushing properly from a dental hygienist in Lausanne, Fribourg or Aigle, for example. That said, electric toothbrushes have proven their effectiveness in removing more plaque. Whichever model you choose, you should change it regularly, on average every three months, or as soon as the bristles appear damaged.

2 - Brush twice a day

Visit Swiss Society of Dentists SSO recommend brushing at least twice a day. Each brushing should last at least two minutes. This habit is essential for cleaning the mouth after meals. Otherwise, food residues remain in the mouth. Bacteria feed on them and attack the teeth. The result is tartar build-up and, eventually, tooth decay. All these problems are the enemies of a beautiful smile.

3 - Clean interdental spaces

Another tip for garde white teeth The most important thing is not to neglect cleaning the interdental spaces. You can choose between brushes and dental floss. These accessories complement the toothbrush. They allow you to clean the nooks and crannies that the brush can't reach between your teeth. You should do this once a day, ideally in the evening after your last meal. This reduces the risk of developing gingivitis, periodontitis or tooth decay. If you are unable to use interdental cleaning tools, find out more about electric hydropulators and oral irrigators.

4 - Choose quality whitening products

To achieve a beautiful smile, you're probably tempted by tooth whitening. But beware of over-the-counter products that promise miracles, but may be harmful to your health. Similarly, some whitening toothpastes can cause tooth sensitivity. We recommend that you have your teeth whitened at a dental practice in Lausanne, Fribourg or Aigle. Only oral health professionals can guarantee the use of approved products that are safe for your teeth. What's more, you'll get long-lasting results.

5 - Stop smoking

The worst enemy of a beautiful smile is undoubtedly tobacco. Smokers' teeth often change color or become stained. Visit effects of smoking on oral hygiene also affect the gums. Smoking can lead to tooth loosening, periodontal disease and very serious pathologies such as oral cancer. We advise you to ask your doctor about ways of quitting smoking.

6 - Limit consumption of coloring drinks

Coffee, tea and red wine are drinks that stain teeth. This can be superficial, and your dentist will take care of it with a good polish. On the other hand, in some cases, stains and discoloration affect the deeper layers of the teeth and become permanent. We recommend that you limit your consumption of such beverages. Alternatively, rinse your mouth frequently with water to limit the contact of staining substances with your teeth. Find out more habits that damage dental health.

7 - Drink plenty of water

The healthiest drink you can consume is still water. We advise you to drink sufficient quantities regularly throughout the day. It's good for your teeth and your general health.

8 - Consult a dental hygienist

To have a beautiful smile, your ally of choice is your dental hygienist. This oral hygiene professional performs all the procedures necessary to ensure that your teeth are sparkling white. Don't hesitate to consult him every six months for a professional cleaning of your mouth. And don't forget to schedule an annual scaling in your diary.

9 - Caring for oral problems 

If you suffer from other health problems, we advise you to consult your doctor. Whether it's diabetes, high blood pressure, bruxism or obesity, all these conditions affect the appearance of your smile. So it's essential to treat them in parallel.

10 - Adopt a healthy, balanced diet

A beautiful smile also reflects good overall health. Improve your eating habits and exercise regularly. Find out how to strengthening your teeth through diet thanks to 6 essential vitamins and minerals.

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