Tooth misalignment in adults

Tooth misalignment in adults

Tooth misalignment in adults is often the cause of complexities. It is generally perceived as a handicap in everyday life, both at home and at work. Rest assured, misaligned teeth are not inevitable. There are new techniques for aligning invisible teeth and restoring a beautiful smile. The Helvident team explains the causes of tooth misalignment and how to correct it in adulthood.

Why aren't my teeth straight?

Apart from genetic origins, other factors can lead to crooked teeth:

  • mouth breathing;
  • tongue position ;
  • lack of space in the jaw ;
  • reverse swallowing ;
  • thumb sucking in childhood ;
  • a diet that creates an under-muscled jaw;
  • an accident causing tooth displacement;
  • lack of orthodontic treatment in childhood.

The repercussions of misaligned teeth

Incorrect dental and facial development often leads to aesthetic concerns. Generally speaking, well-aligned teeth bring confidence. However, orthodontics plays a vital role in overall health and well-being. If one leg is shorter than another, there are bound to be significant health repercussions. The same applies to teeth! 

Misaligned teeth can cause problems when brushing, leading to cavities and clogged teeth. Visit bruxism is also a common consequence, leading to accelerated enamel wear. Crooked teeth can also cause pain and digestive problems due to poor chewing. 

Even more surprisingly, dental misalignments lead to sleep and back problems. More often than not, we adopt a forced lower jaw position, unconsciously pressing on our teeth. In the long term, this overload around the jaw joint leads to neck strain, headaches and insomnia. If your jaw is misaligned, your airways can become obstructed while you sleep. This multiplies the risk of apnea. So it's important to take dental misalignment seriously, regardless of the age at which it occurs.

Solutions to correct a misalignment dental

In most cases, misaligned teeth can be corrected with orthodontic treatment prescribed by a dentist. You will need to undergo a complete dental check-up before making an appointment with a dentist. orthodontist in FribourgLausanne or Aigle. Adults can choose from several processes, depending on their needs and budget.

Fitting dental braces

Orthodontists fit braces, which are usually fixed and have several attachments. These are commonly called "braces". He or she then applies a special adhesive to the teeth to be moved, and attaches the brackets to them. These are connected by a bow-shaped wire with elastic properties. It exerts constant forces on the teeth to be relocated. There are three types of orthodontic braces: metal braces, which are widely used, ceramic braces and resin braces, which are more discreet but more expensive. 

Lingual orthodontic treatment

This is a orthodontic treatment increasingly popular with young people and adults alike to correct their dental alignment. It works on the same principle as braces, with the difference that the rod is fixed to the back of the teeth (on the tongue side) for greater discretion. On the downside, this technique is very expensive and can cause tongue irritation.

Transparent gutters

This treatment is not only painless, but also invisible. Transparent aligners allow misaligned teeth to be treated without too much strain. However, they must be worn at all times, with the exception of mealtimes and brushing. In concrete terms, the aligners are custom-made using a 3D mold of the jaw. They gradually realign the patient's teeth. Dental aligners are highly appreciated by adults for their ease of use, effectiveness and discretion. We advise against ordering ready-to-use aligners over the Internet. They are not adapted to your mouth and can be harmful.

At Helvident, the patient receives a transparent, discreet and comfortable mouthpiece. These removable braces must be worn for at least 20 hours every day. Treatment with invisible aligners generally lasts between 6 and 18 months, depending on the patient.

Align your teeth and regain your self-confidence with personalized treatments from Helvident dental clinics. We welcome you in Lausanne, Fribourg and Aigle by appointment. Our team includes dentists, dental hygienists and specialists, particularly in orthodontics. Don't hesitate to please contact us.