Oral health professions in Switzerland

oral health professions

Dentist, orthodontist or dental hygienistIn Switzerland, many professionals work together in dental practices and clinics. HELVIDENT invites you to find out more about oral health professions in Switzerland.

Federal titles of Specialist in Dentistry

In Switzerland, to qualify as a dental specialist, you need to complete postgraduate training. This is carried out at an establishment accredited by the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). At the end of their training, students obtain a federal title. They are then entered in the register of medical professions (MedReg). There are currently four federally-recognized specialist titles in dentistry. 

Oral surgery

Dentists specializing in oral surgery perform a variety of operations inside the oral cavity. Among the most common arewisdom teeth extractiondental implants, treatment of cysts, tumors and oral pathologies. You can find a dental surgeon in Freiburg on the Swiss Society for Oral Surgery and Stomatology.


Patients are referred to a specialist in orthodontics to correct tooth alignment or jaw posture. This specialized dentist improves chewing, swallowing, breathing and phonation. Treatments combine aesthetic and functional benefits. Please visit the Swiss Society of Dentofacial Orthopedics to find an orthodontist in Lausanne.


The periodontium refers to all the tissues that support the tooth. These include gingiva, alveolar bone and ligament. The periodontal specialist treats periodontal pathologies. Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) can lead to periodontitis (inflammation of the tissues supporting the teeth). For more information, visit the Swiss Society of Periodontology.

Reconstructive dentistry

Do you need to replace one or more teeth? Then you need a specialist in reconstructive dentistry. This oral health profession deals with complex problems. These include the fitting of prostheses, chewing disorders and temporomandibular joint pain. The Swiss Society of Reconstructive Dentistry provides a list of practitioners in Switzerland.

SSO postgraduate certificates

The Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO) issues 5 postgraduate certificates under private law. The courses last at least 3 years and lead to registration in the register of medical professions (MedReg). The SSO certificate must be renewed every 7 years. 

General dentistry

The holder of this certificate can treat most oral pathologies independently. He/she is available for consultation, not only for routine care, but also for the following dental emergencies. Looking for a dentist in Lausanne or elsewhere in Switzerland? The directory of approved practitioners is available at SSO website.   


This branch of dentistry is concerned with disorders affecting the internal structures of the tooth. These include the dental pulp, root, canal and periapical region. These pathologies can cause oral or facial pain. The Swiss Society of Endodontology provides a list of endodontists in Switzerland.

Oral implantology

This SSO certificate specializes in the placement of dental implants. When a tooth is missing, the specialized dentist inserts an artificial root into the alveolar bone. This is then fitted with a prosthetic dental crown. Treatment requires a surgical procedure. For further information, please visit the Swiss Society for Oral Implantology.

Pediatric dentistry

Oral care differs according to the patient's age. Just like senior citizens, children require special treatment. From birth to adulthood, they are cared for by a specialist in pediatric dentistry. This professional has additional pedagogical and psychological skills. In particular, they can help children overcome their fear of the dentist. In Switzerland, there is a Swiss Association of Pediatric Dentistry.

Preventive and restorative dentistry

The latest certificate issued by the SSO concerns preventive and restorative dentistry. As its name suggests, this specialty is primarily concerned with the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity, such as caries. It then focuses on repairing damaged teeth and tissues. Visit the Swiss Society for Preventive, Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Complementary professions

Dentists and specialists work in collaboration with other oral health professionals. Success and quality of care depend on teamwork. 

Dental practices employ dental hygienists, dental assistants and prophylaxis assistants. There are also around 1,100 dental laboratories in Switzerland. They employ dental technicians who design auxiliary devices (artificial teeth, prostheses or orthodontic appliances).

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