Foods and drinks that stain teeth

Foods and drinks that stain teeth

You've probably already consumed a dark-colored product before realizing that it has left marks on your tongue and teeth. How can you avoid this? Here at Helvident, we've put together a list of foods and drinks that stain teeth, and shared some tips on how to avoid dulling your smile. 

Foods that stain teeth

Here's a list of foods that stain teeth.

Acidic foods

Are your teeth yellow? You may be eating a lot of acidic foods, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. Even though they're full of nutrients, these colorful foods can promote enamel erosion and, ultimately, expose the underlying dentine. What can you do about it? Drink water after eating acidic foods.

Red berries

Blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates, raspberries and cherries are just some of the foods and drinks that stain teeth. While rich in antioxidants, their natural pigments stain enamel. But that's no reason to stop eating them. Just rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating red fruit.   

Sweet foods

Do you like sweets, candies, pastries and cakes in general? The sugars they contain attach themselves to your teeth and feed the bacteria naturally present in your mouth. By consuming these sugars, the bacteria release acids that promote the development of tooth decay. The best thing to do is to limit your consumption of sugary products, for the sake of your teeth. improved oral hygiene.

Colored water ices

All foods containing food coloring can stain your teeth. This is particularly true of flavored popsicles. Remember this rule: if your tongue gets colored, so do your teeth, even if in a less perceptible way. So consume in moderation!

Industrial condiments

Some spicy sweet condiments, such as curry, cumin and turmeric, can stain teeth over time. Think ketchup, for example. Be sure to brush and rinse your teeth daily after eating a meal containing this type of product. If this isn't possible, drink water to wash away any staining particles.

Drinks that stain teeth

Here's a list of drinks that stain teeth.

The wine

Wine can be responsible for greyish tones, which are unfortunately harder to remove than yellowish stains. The culprit: the same tannins found in tea and coffee. We know that red wine is the culprit, but white wine doesn't help your teeth stay white either. Make sure you stop drinking it at least 30 minutes before your mouth-cleaning routine. Continue to drink it, but in moderation, of course.

The café

Your favorite hot drink for fatigue contains tannins (acidic polyphenols). These lead to tooth discoloration. What's more, the acidity of coffee alters the pH balance in your mouth. As a result, the acidic foods you eat damage your teeth much more quickly. Don't ban coffee just because it stains your teeth. Simply cool it down and use a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth. 

The tea

Like coffee, tea contains tannins. The worse the quality, the deeper the stain on the tooth. We therefore advise you to invest in a high-quality brand of tea. Research also suggests that adding milk to your cup of tea may reduce its ability to stain teeth.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks, whether sweetened or not, are particularly dangerous for your oral hygiene. In fact, they contain both gas and acids, which encourage the formation of cavities. This type of drink discolors your teeth and harms your mouth in general. All dentists in Lausanne, Fribourg and Aigle recommend limited consumption. 

Conversely, certain high-fiber foods, such as apples and pears, promote white teeth. What's more, research has shown that cheese helps increase PH in the mouth, which helps prevent cavities. 

The solution is to drink water after consuming foods and beverages that stain teeth. In addition to hydrating your body, water helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. Finally, to keep your teeth white, don't forget to brush at least twice a day, for two minutes each time. Also use a interdental cleaning accessory such as silk thread or brushes.

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