Why choose a dentist who is a member of the SSO?

dentist member of the SSO

Have you ever heard of the Swiss Society of Dentists? Do you know the advantages of consulting a dentist who is a member of the SSO? The team at HELVIDENT, a member of the SSO, is well placed to answer these questions. Find out more about this organization and its many advantages in this article.

What is SSO? 

Visit Swiss Society of Dentists SSO is the professional organization for dentists practicing in Switzerland. It represents its members in dealings with the authorities and its tariff partners. It is also the umbrella scientific society for dentistry in Switzerland.

Organized according to a federalist model, the SSO comprises 21 sections which operate largely autonomously. Each section is committed to its own guiding principles, code of ethics and bylaws.

The SSO stands out for its high quality standards and its work in the field of prevention. It also offers its members a wide range of postgraduate training courses. The organization promotes the oral health of the Swiss population and guarantees optimal dental care at every stage of life.

Benefits for patients

  • High-quality care tailored to individual needs
  • Transparency of treatment costs and effectiveness
  • Conciliation in the event of disagreement
  • Strict hygiene standards
  • Prevention at school
  • Good oral health well into old age

Benefits for dentists

  • Represent their interests to elected representatives, the authorities and the public
  • Access to a diversified range of postgraduate training courses
  • Support (setting up practices, billing, etc.)
  • Legal advice
  • Free subscription to SWISS DENTAL JOURNAL
  • Discounts from numerous partner companies
  • Secure and attractive occupational pension plans (SSO pension fund)
  • Membership of the Medisuisse AHV compensation fund

10 reasons to choose a dentist who is a member of the SSO

1. Top-quality care.

Patients have the right to expect high-quality care from their SSO dentist. SSO members have their own quality guidelines. For dentists, these are a tool for monitoring the quality of their own work. They also meet their continuing education obligations, which include a minimum of 80 hours per year.

2. Personalized follow-up.

SSO members are personally committed to their patients. It is not uncommon for them to care for patients and their families for many years. You have the right to expect your SSO member dentist to provide you with personalized care, tailored to your individual situation.

3. Strict hygiene standards.

For many years, the SSO and the authorities have been working together to define hygiene standards for dental practices in our country. The SSO informs its members on how to comply with these standards.

4. Clear information on treatment costs and effectiveness.

You have the right to expect your SSO dentist to provide you with transparent and easily understandable information about the treatment, the known risks, the treatment options indicated and his or her fees. This is a requirement of the SSO Code of Ethics.

5. A relationship of trust.

For SSO dentists, it is important to involve the patient in the choice of treatment. They also ensure that the treatment is adapted to the patient's medical situation and financial circumstances. Over time, this strengthens the relationship of trust between patient and dentist.

6. Care in case of dental emergency.

A knocked-out tooth, a fractured crown, severe dental pain? This can also happen at night or at weekends. What can you do if your dentist can't be reached? You can call on the emergency services of SSO sections. Visit emergencyIn this way, patients have access to treatment outside normal dental practice opening hours. In keeping with their professional code of ethics, SSO-member dentists limit themselves to treating emergencies where necessary.

7. A commitment to geriatric dentistry.

For SSO dentists, being committed to the geriatric dentistry is an ethical duty. They contribute to dental care in homes and EMS. Good oral health is essential to overall health.

8. Constant improvement.

SSO dentists can obtain an SSO postgraduate certificate in almost all dental disciplines. These qualifications are only available to members of the SSO. Awarded according to very strict standards, they must be renewed every 7 years.

9. He does more for you.

By becoming a member of the SSO, dentists commit themselves to obligations that go beyond the legal framework. They do so in the interests of practising dentistry at the highest ethical and professional level.

10. Conciliation in the event of disagreement.

If you disagree with a treatment or a bill, you can contact the SSO's medical-dental conciliation commission. This is only possible after you have tried to reach an agreement with your dentist, provided he or she is a member of the SSO. The SSO will be happy to advise you. SSO members are obliged to submit to the scrutiny of such commissions. If your dentist is not a member of the SSO, your only recourse is to take legal action.

With an SSO dentist, you can keep smiling. Don't hesitate to make an appointment at one of our HELVIDENT dental clinics in Lausanne, Fribourg or Aigle. We are members of the SSO.