Dental whitening in Lausanne: our solutions

teeth whitening

We all dream of having beautiful white teeth. It's not for nothing that teeth whitening in Lausanne is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. What can you do to achieve a radiant smile? How does the teeth whitening procedure work? Find out all the answers in this article.   

A bright smile

In their natural state, teeth are not really white. They have an ivory hue that varies slightly from person to person. The canines generally appear a little lighter than the incisors. However, eating habits, smoking, certain medications and hereditary factors can all affect the brightness of enamel and dentine.

The Swiss are happy to succumb to cosmetic dentistry to achieve a radiant smile. And with good reason, since a healthy smile is a real seductive asset in both professional and personal life. Indeed, in the collective imagination, healthy teeth are an apparent sign of beauty and vitality. 

Visit Swiss Society of Dentists confirms the growing demand for teeth whitening in Lausanne and elsewhere. Professionals have therefore developed solutions for whitening yellow or gray teeth and teeth with brown stains.

In-office dental bleaching in Lausanne

In response to this quest for whiter teeth, dental clinics in Lausanne don't hesitate to offer attractive deals. For example, HELVIDENT dental clinics offer competitive prices for safe, effective teeth whitening. All treatments are pain-free. 

The first option is in-office tooth whitening. This involves successive applications of a carbamide peroxide-based gel to the teeth. Gums are protected throughout the procedure. Depending on the concentration of the gel and the length of time it is applied, the results can be more or less intense. It removes stains accumulated on teeth and in enamel imperfections.

Here's how the whitening procedure works at a HELVIDENT dental center:

  • Application of a concentrated gel on your teeth and protection on your gums;
  • First 8-minute session: the gel is activated by a special powerful lamp;
  • Change of gel and second 8-minute session.

A full teeth whitening session usually involves 3 gel applications under the lamp. If, after several weeks, the result is insufficient, you can have an additional session.

Teeth whitening at home

This second option requires that you first make an appointment with one of the dentists at the HELVIDENT clinic in Lausanne to take impressions of your teeth. These are used to make two custom-made trays that you take home with you, together with a whitening gel. Your dentist clearly explains the instructions for use, and you benefit from personalized follow-up.

When you get home, you apply the gel supplied in the trays before placing them on your teeth. Repeat this operation every day until you achieve the desired whiteness. This can take from 5 to 20 days, depending on the situation.

The risks of tooth whitening without professional supervision

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health warns against risky practices that damage dental health. In recent years, home whitening kits and smile bars have become increasingly popular. They are undercutting the price of teeth whitening. As a result, teeth whitening is becoming more accessible to the public, who are little aware of the real dangers. 

European legislation stipulates that only dentists are authorized to use products containing or releasing a concentration of oxygen peroxide in excess of 0.1 %. Despite this law, consumers are not hesitating to buy products of dubious composition on the Internet.

Bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or sodium perborate. This is actually hydrogen peroxide, renowned for its strong oxidizing power. This active ingredient is highly effective, provided it is used in the right doses.

Over-exposure, over-frequent use and high concentrations of lightening products are real threats to oral health. 

Here are the main risks of tooth whitening performed without the supervision of a specialist:

  • a hypersensitive teeth which manifests itself in particular as pain when you eat cold food;
  • Deterioration of enamel, which can lead to premature tooth wear and even embrittlement;
  • irritation of gums and mucous membranes due to the product's acidity
  • faster tooth recoloration;
  • a risk of poisoning if ingested.

At HELVIDENT, our team of dentists and dental hygienists carry out all routine dental procedures. Your smile is our primary concern. You can consult a professional in our dental center in Lausanne.