No more fear of the dental chair: these revolutionary techniques will calm your nerves

fear of the dental chair

The mere mention of a dental appointment can make many people shudder. In fact, according to the latest studies, dental anxiety affects almost a third of all people. But in 2024, new solutions are emerging to help these patients overcome their fear of the dental chair.

Dental anxiety, a widespread phenomenon

Dental anxiety is unfortunately an extremely widespread phenomenon, causing many people to put off or avoid oral care altogether."says Julien, a psychologist specializing in the care of children with disabilities. phobic patients. “This is a serious problem, however, as it can lead to serious long-term health problems..”

According to the psychologist, there are many reasons for this apprehension. "Very often, it is rooted in bad experiences in the past, such as painful or unpleasant care. But it can also be linked to a feeling of loss of control, fear of noises and unpleasant sensations, or psychological trauma."he explains.

Fortunately, things are changing. "Thanks to the latest advances, there are now a number of proven techniques to help phobic patients overcome their fears."our specialist is delighted.

Sedation, a popular solution

One of the most popular solutions is sedation. "In 2024, sedation techniques have improved considerably, offering patients even safer and more comfortable care."says Catherine, an anesthesiologist.

So, in addition to the classic local anaesthetic, dentists can now offer different levels of sedation, from the lightest to the deepest. "Conscious sedation, for example, allows you to remain awake while being completely relaxed and insensitive to pain."explains the anesthetist.

For the most anxiety-provoking cases, deep sedation or general anesthesia may also be considered. "These techniques enable the patient to fall asleep completely, guaranteeing serene, pain-free treatment.e", continues the expert.

In her opinion, the use of sedation has literally revolutionized the treatment of phobic patients. Thanks to these advances, patients who previously dreaded the slightest treatment can now be treated with complete peace of mind.

Behaviour therapy, a complementary approach

Although sedation provides an effective solution, specialists often recommend coupling it with psychological support. "Behavioural therapy is an excellent complement for overcoming dental anxiety in the long term."says our psychologist.

The aim of this approach is to help patients identify and overcome their fears. "We begin by exploring the origins of your phobia, to better understand its mechanisms. We then introduce relaxation, visualization and progressive desensitization exercises."explains the specialist.

Thanks to these proven techniques, patients gradually learn to manage their emotions and regain control over the situation. This, in turn, enables them to come to terms with their feelings. dental careby drastically reducing their stress and apprehension.

Technological innovations for a more serene experience

In addition to advances in sedation and psychological support, the dental field is also benefiting from numerous technological innovations designed to improve patient comfort.

The latest generation of equipment, such as electric recliners with variable inclination, can already considerably reduce unpleasant sensations."explains our dental surgeon.

But progress doesn't stop there. Some dental practices in Lausanne and elsewhere now offer virtual reality or audiovisual distraction systems. Plunging patients into a soothing environment diverts their attention during treatment.

These technological innovations, combined with appropriate care, create a cocoon of serenity around anxious patients. This goes a long way towards calming their apprehensions and ensuring a positive experience at the dentist.

Customized support, the key to success

Beyond specific techniques, specialists agree on the importance of personalized support for patients who are afraid of the dental chair.

Each person is unique, with his or her own anxieties and needs. That's why it's essential to tailor treatment to each individual's profile."says the psychologist.

Some patients will need in-depth psychological support. Others will find their salvation in sedation or technological innovations. The aim is to implement a global strategy, combining several complementary levers, to offer the best possible experience.

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