Dental gold collection: HELVIDENT commits to a good cause

dental gold collection in Switzerland

At HELVIDENT, we have your smile at heart, and our heart on our sleeve. Our dental centers in French-speaking Switzerland (Lausanne, Fribourg and Aigle) are actively supporting the collection of dental gold for charity. Find out more about what goes on behind the scenes and how you can get involved.  

Collecting dental gold

Based in Geneva, the Precious Metal Recycling (P.M.R.) specializes in the recycling of precious metals, which it recovers throughout Europe. It processes a wide variety of materials containing precious metals, including old dental crowns, as well as scrap and alloys from dental prostheses. In addition to gold, the company also recovers silver, platinum and palladium. Each batch is processed and analyzed before being resold. P.M.R. collects dental gold waste for the benefit of the world's children.

This year, HELVIDENT is taking part in the dental gold drive organized by P.M.R. From now on, when we extract a gold tooth, we collect it for a good cause. Profits from this action are donated to Childhood cancer in Switzerland. The association, founded in 2015, raises awareness of childhood cancer. 

Childhood cancer in Switzerland

According to figures published on their website, "between 200 and 220 new cases of cancer affecting children under the age of 15 are recorded every year in Switzerland. Almost half of all diagnoses concern infants and young children aged 1 to 4."

Medical progress continues to reduce the number of fatal cases. On average, 80 % of sick children can be treated successfully, according to figures put forward by the association. 

Let's get involved together

HELVIDENT is doing its part to support this noble cause. The funds raised by the dental gold collection are used to finance research into childhood cancer, as well as to provide support and follow-up for affected children and teenagers.

We invite you to discover the latest information and prevention campaign launched by the association Childhood Cancer Switzerland. 


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If you're considering having a gold tooth extracted, talk to one of the dentists at HELVIDENT dental centers. Don't hesitate to Contact us for more information.