Dental hygienist in Lausanne: reasons for consultation

Dental hygienist in Lausanne

Oral health has a real impact on the overall health of the human body. That's why the profession of dental hygienist in Lausanne is so important. This professional helps you take care of your teeth and mouth on a daily basis. At HELVIDENT, our teams include several complementary specialists to offer you the best possible service. You can make an appointment with a dental hygienist at our dental clinics in Lausanne, Fribourg and Aigle.

Why consult a dental hygienist in Lausanne?

Usually, when you make an appointment with a dentist, you are first examined by a dental hygienist. This professional observes the overall condition of your oral cavity prior to the doctor's intervention. 

You can also take the initiative to consult a dental hygienist for various reasons:

  • descaling
  • give your teeth a thorough cleaning
  • polishing
  • ask for advice on the ideal toothbrush according to your or your child's teeth
  • receive information on the diet to adopt to avoid cavities
  • inform you about quality prophylactic treatment to prevent oral diseases.
  • take an X-ray
  • tooth whitening

Bear in mind, however, that medical procedures are the exclusive province of dentists. This is the case for cavity care, treatment of disease, tooth extraction, implants or repairs. Depending on your needs, your dentist can refer you to a specialist, such as an orthodontist in Lausanne.

The profession of dental hygienist in Switzerland 

According to the website of the Swiss Society of Dentists, the profession of dental hygienist is one of the so-called medico-therapeutic professions. It is a regulated oral health profession. Its role is based on educating patients of all ages to maintain or regain good oral health. 

Training as a dental hygienist in Switzerland is acquired through studies at a college of higher education. The three-year course combines theoretical training with practical experience. The diploma obtained is recognized at federal level. Swiss dental hygienists can work in hospitals, dental clinics, schools and universities, or as freelancers.

The main missions of this healthcare professional

Dentists and dental hygienists work together. You're no doubt familiar with the missions of the former, but what are those of the latter? 

The dental hygienist's job involves four main tasks: prevention, screening, treatment and control. He or she may also be required to perform administrative tasks, such as updating patient records. 


The dental hygienist develops preventive programs within the establishment where he or she works. They teach the principles of good oral hygiene to help patients maintain a healthy mouth. He also explains tooth-brushing techniques and shares tips on non-cariogenic eating.

Screeningage diseases

The second mission of this oral hygiene professional is to detect mouth lesions, gum disease and cavities. He or she is therefore empowered to carry out clinical tests, X-rays, photographs or casts. Together with the dentist, the hygienist then plans the treatment to be implemented. 


Thirdly, the dental hygienist performs routine therapeutic procedures such as cleaning and polishing teeth. He removes inflammatory factors (plaque, tartar deposits, etc.) where necessary. The application of fluoride and desensitizing or anesthetic products is also part of his or her skill set. Finally, he disinfects and maintains dental office equipment.  

Control and monitoring

The dental hygienist is responsible for controlling oral cavity disorders and diseases such as gingivitis. If in doubt, he or she will refer you to a dentist.

Find a dental hygienist in Lausanne

As you can see, a dental hygienist is essential to the health of your teeth, gums and mouth in general. By consulting this professional on a regular basis, you reduce the risk of facing a dental emergency in the future.  

HELVIDENT has a dental clinic in Lausanne, as well as dental centers in Fribourg and Aigle, in the canton of Vaud. Our care teams include trained and competent dental hygienists. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment in French-speaking Switzerland.