First Dental Center

We were the first dental center to open to Fribourg. The dental center opened in April, 2005. The “Liberté” was present during the opening and has told our first steps. Since then, others tried to copy us.

Since 2005, the center got bigger. We were 4 dentists at the beginning and are now about ten dentists, our growth was progressive. Among, these dentists the great majority work in the center for more than 5 years. We are not a center where at every meeting(appointment) you will have another dentist. We want that your dentist follows you so that a reliable relation between you and him builds up itself. This relation has to last and allows to make treatments(processings) in the best possible conditions.

We have specialists of certain domains of the dental medicine. “Nobody can be a specialist in everything!“ It is possible that a specialist will collaborate with your dentist for certain specific acts, will give a piece of advice or will realize a specific treatment. Our concern is to propose you the best dental treatment within the center.

In 2005 we were called CDF Centre Dentaire de Beauregard Fribourg SA. In 2007 the center had to change the name to become Ardentis Fribourg SA but the shareholders and the staff did not change.

In 2010 Dr Gaël Butticaz, founder and shareholder took back the center completely. The name became HELVIDENT. The nursing staff and all the team stayed and continues to look after the patients.

Helvident supported the juniors of Gotteron during one year. Since 2006 by our participation in the Crosse d’Or, we are sponsors of Fribourg HC Gotteron. The hockey makes vibrate the city of Fribourg and we are happy to participate in it, at our level.